The Artist

Anna Asplind and Tadklimp met in Berlin in 2009 and since then they worked together from time to time in different projects. Tadklimp composed the music for several of Asplinds Dancewalks; 1224 m in Reykjavik, 1252 m i Karlstad and now 732 m in Gävle.

Anna Asplind is a swedish choreographer/dancer based in Berlin since 2009. She finished her studies at the Ballet Academy of Goteborg in 2008. She works with movement based research and lately she found her interest in movement and sound. She performed and presented her own work on different stages and festivals around Europe and she is a part of the network project FastForward. She started the art project Dancewalks in 2009 and since then it has been produced in Berlin, Reykjavik, Goteborg, Borås, Karlstad, Lidköping and Skara.  She has worked with such choreographers as Marco Santi, JunJun, Carl-Olof Berg, Israel Aloni, and Maciej Kuzminski on stages like Deutsche Oper, the opera of Copenhagen, Uferstudios, Theaterhaus Mitte and Atalante.

Tadklimp is the sonic project of thomas chousos.
born in megara, gr in 1983.
He has studied composition of electroacoustic music and theater.
The tadklimp projects are constantly growing in the field of experimental electronics and usually blend with sound engineering fireworks in the colors of folk .


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